Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello Kitty Resturant

If you don't say these are the cutest Tiawanese kids you have ever seen I don't believe you!

This is the entry way to the Hello Kitty Sweets resturant which had the best burger we have had in Taiwan! The kids eyes were wide open when we walked in the door. To your right as you walked in was the bakery with beautiful cakes and desserts. Of course that was the first thing they saw and stood and looked longingly into the display case. It was adorable!

This is to the left of the entry way. My two silly heads wouldn't take this picture seriously for anything! I thought it was pretty funny though.

Maylin was amazed that everything had Hello Kitty on it! She was so proud of her napkin.

Pierson (who had a stomach bug when we picked him up had only eaten white rice and bread for 4-5 days) was so happy to eat something with flavor! Apparently all of our meals were served with pumkin soup first, and it was VERY good. And Pierson was thrilled! I wasn't sure if he would really appreciate all of the Hello Kittyness, but he seemed to enjoy it as well. Mostly for the design of all of the food if nothing else.

Mama and Baba's hamburger and fries!!! We were soooo happy!
Pierson had a chicken sandwich which looked exactly like our burgers. Maylin insisted that she wanted a noodle dish, but as you can see below she at mostly from everyone elses plates! :) I couldn't blame her.

Seriously it is hard to say no to her. Don't worry we are learning quickly how to say no in Mandarin. The spelling is unusual but it sounds like 'boo yow'! :)

The waitresses were dressed all in pink Hello Kitty. Even the chandalier had a little stuffed Hello Kitty sitting on it.

Pierson thought it was hilarious to show me his jello. It too was shapped like a Hello Kitty face of course!

One of the many cakes in the display case

Random shots. This is Pierson's deep in thought look. This is a common look for him. He likes to process every little thing.

This is Maylin's "who, me?" face. We see a lot of this! She typically follows this up with a very fake "hahaha" with a little chicken neck to go along with it. It is hard not to laugh at her!
Well the natives are restless and we must leave the room before we tear it apart! Two more sleeps until we head for home! Yippie! It will be easier to wrestle these two on our own turf! :)


Anonymous said...

Its funny you should go to see Hello Kitty and wonder about if its too much for a boy. We have seen grown business men with Hello Kitty hanging off their phones here!
I LOVE your kids. They are adorable and you look like you've been together all along. Congrats.
Kelly Moore

Anonymous said...

Glad we got to chat last night. Great "who me?" shot of Maylin. Looks like you two have your hands full already. Get home soon!
We love ya!
Kate and Andy

Mickey said...

We're now counting the hours until you get here.

Kristi said...

"Who me?" Looks like she and Caleb are gonna be a mess together!
Glad you found the Hello Kitty place AND you got burgers that you enjoyed. I'll be searching for a pumpkin soup recipe to win Pierson over.
Oh, and you know that I've been saying they are the cutest kids in Taiwan from the very beginning. It's recorded on my blog time and time again...
Can't wait to see you all in person and start to hear how settling in at home goes!

Kathy said...

Such wonderful pictures. Shows even more how cute your kids are. Sorry to hear about Pierson's stomach bug. Glad you were able to find good burgers. This weekend then you are home - yipppeeee!!! Love you all.

Grandma Shultz said...

Maylin and Pierson, Grandma Shultz can hardly wait for you to arrive in Charlotte. I want to start being a big part of your life right away. Pierson, you are so handsome and Maylin, you are beautiful. So happy that you all enjoyed the Hello Kitty Restaurant.
Those burgers look good!
Hurry up Monday!
Love, LaoLao

Kristi said...

Oh, by the way, you remember for a while that Kylie thought Caleb's Chinese name was "boo yow." And when we were back in China with him last month, I immediately fell back into saying it to him, without thinking. Sorta scary...

Jack said...

A wild time will be had this Christmas at Grandma's house, I'm guessing! I love Maylin's little impish personality shining through! And Pierson is adorable, too. I think you're right...the two cutest kids in Taiwan! I'll bet you can't wait to get them home!

Cindy M said...

Um, that last comment was me...I didn't realize that my husband was logged in on my computer. Jack is his code name. :-)

Ann said...

Okay, Mom thinks it's time for you guys to come home.

Amanda said...

Ha ha ha! If only we could get to Taiwan to check out the Hello Kitty Restaurant! Can't wait til you get back home!

Lisa said...

How adorable! I'm so hoping they open a Hello Kitty Sweets in the States!

These ARE the most adorable Taiwanese children ever!!!