Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taoyan Internation Airport and Dong Wu Hotel

And finally, here we are happy and tired at Taiwan Taoyan International Airport.

You betta declare yo' stuff, or the beagles will get ya! Never saw them, though. I bet they come out of nowhere.

The FIRST thing that came down baggage claim (below). I guess it's time we got used to sticking out like a sore thumb.

The cab ride from the airport to Dong Wu was about 30-40 minutes and entertaining. Not so much by what we saw (it was dark and hard to see much), but because of the traffic going on over the driv'ers radio. Fun to imagine what was being shouted in Mandarin, but they sure were excitable.
We arrived at Dong Wu with a similar feeling as when were first transported to our hotel in Belize for our honeymoon -- where the heck are we and what are we doing?! But we really do like what we have seen of the hotel so far, and our room is quite comfortable and quaint. The room we had originally booked was occupied, so we actually received an upgrade! Bonus. This where we will be for our first three nights, and then we will relocate to The Howard Plaza before meeting Pierson and Maylin.

Well, we're off to the breakfast buffet. Talk to y'all later!


Kathy said...

The airports all look so neat and clean!! And I didn't know beagles were used as 'sniffers' of contraband. What a nice surprise to get an upgraded hotel room. A good start to your trip. May it continue to go as well. Will keep you all in my prayers.

Kristi said...

Nice suitcases, and be glad you don't have to fly in country with the stroller. In China they don't seem to understand "gate check" and our stroller rode in an empty first class seat from Hangzhou to Guangzhou. I would have happily let it have my coach class...
Kylie will be thrilled to see the pictures of your hotel in the morning!
And I snorted out loud over the Beagle Brigade.
Enjoy breakfast!

Ian said...

Glad to see that you all have made it safe and sound to the hotel. Looks really nice! Good thing the customs Beagles didn't catch you with any contraband snacks in your luggage ;) We're praying that the jet-lag goes away quickly. I can't wait to hear about sight-seeing in Taipei!

Mickey said...

looks great! and so do you! have fun and keep the photos coming

Mickey said...

i went back to the beagle brigade sign for second look and have to say he's just not that scary looking. maybe they should used a big bad shih tzu.

Bekah said...

I wonder if they would pay our beagle? Scarlett has a nose and a half. I laughed out loud and scared Neil to death! Still praying for you guys and Traci's back! Love ya'll!

Tricia said...

Love the pictures. Traci, the one of you pushing the cart of luggage--um, you sort of look as though your foot is missing. Odd. So happy to see you are doing so well.

Saundra said...

Thanks to Mickey, I can now leave messages. The airport looks really nice. Can't wait to see more pictures. Just a few more days and you'll officially be parents! WooHoo