Friday, June 4, 2010

Apparently Uncle Ian is a Genius

Summer for our family means that it is time for Daddy's job to get cranked up! Daddy works for a summer mission camp called Carolina Cross Connection. (A ministry that gets youth involved in local communities helping widow's and folks in need.)
To kick off the summer our family spends a week at CCC's staff training where Mommy and Daddy spend a lot of time training the summer staff. Aunt Kristi graciously cooks for all 50 people while Uncle Ian (who does some training as well) and Grandma keep the kids entertained. This summer Ian had a brilliant idea. He got some PVC pipes, drilled some holes and let the kids create their own sprinklers. Genius pure genius! This kept them entertained for several hours as they constructed and reconstructed and constructed some more.

Can you see the wheels turning? I can almost hear the gears grinding!

Standing on the back of his heels as he struggles to stay vertical Pierson is surprised by Uncle Ian with a sudden spray of water.

Pierson gets some lovin' from Grandma to warm up a bit. Water from the hose is pretty cold.

Our good friend Kate monitor's Kylie as she thins... I mean puts Maylin's hair in a 'pony'.

Caleb... let's just say he is ornery!

Isn't that the cutest monster you ever have seen?

Payback! Maylin helps Kylie lose a few strands of hair. Amazingly enough they both powered through the torture and let each other put their hair up.

Pierson just loves to take pictures. Maylin and Mommy share some snuggle time.

Overall these past few days at staff training have been wonderful. Of course when you have 5 children within 2 years of age there are bound to be a few disagreements, however, for the most part they got along just fine. It is such a blessing to see these guys come from the other side of the world and fit right into our lives as if they have been here forever. God is so good! He has provided ways for our family to bring these beautiful one's into our lives and give them a chance for a bright future. When I think about what their lives could have been like I could cry. It reinforces our decision to not try to have biological children and follow God's calling for our lives to take care of the widow's and the orphans. The question is just how many orphans can we help. That is something only God knows at this point!


Amanda said...

We all know Uncle Ian is a genius :-) I hope that staff training went well, it was great to see y'all out there! Your children are beautiful!

Kristi said...

I do believe all five kids had a blast! And we have enough pipe parts to share...