Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laundry Basket Naps

Why is it that something out of the ordianry makes anything way more fun?
My kids decided that they would take their naps in laundry baskets ( I hadn't even suggest nap time yet.) One simple little twist to nap time and they were as excited as what I think they will be on Christmas morning!

As I think you can imagine the nap didn't actually happen this way, there were too many giggles going on! At least they had fun!

I just love their enthusiasm for life!
Currently my favorite English phrase from Maylin is"
"Cuse you me" this is heard FREQUENTLY after toot sounds come out of her precious little rear end. Then she laughs hysterically!

The most frequent English phrase from Pierson is "Mommy, se cafa" (meaning, mommy be careful) this is heard a lot... washing hair, brushing hair, brushing teeth, driving, cooking dinner... get the point? I hear it a lot! :)

Maylin likes to tell me; "Mowmy, Mayyin no hit, no pwush, no time ouutka" She often informs me that she hasn't done anything to get in trouble.

Another one of Pierson's quotes is: "Mommy you funny" Apparently he thinks I am hilarious!

Finally one I hear from both of them: "Mowmy, Piewshon no share-a" or "Mommy, MayYin no share-a"

What ever is coming out of their mouths you can be sure that they are keeping me entertained!


Grandma Shultz said...

Now teach them to unload the laundry baskets into the washing machine before their naps and you'll be ahead of the game! haha
They are so adorable. I love their "Chinglish". They'll be talking along in either Chinese or English and will just be popping in words from each. They are learning so fast; their minds are amazing. They have certainly filled another space in my life!

Kristi said...

After our time together at staff training I still have, "Ayi, Piewshon/MayYin no share-a" ringing in my ears. So sweet!
I love their nap ideas. Wait till they have a "frog tent" like Caleb got for Christmas to nap in...
And speaking of Christmas, can you just imagine it this year?

Amy Murphy said...

Love, love, love their little sayings! Isn't it amazing how fast they pick up English? Do they put alot of "ee" and "ah" on the end of words? Ewen did that for a long time.

Laurie said...

Loved reading all the fun sayings! I was rolling over the toots comment- my Allison swears that someone ELSE did it when clearly it was HER. She's starting the blame game pretty early!