Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maylin's First Haircut in the US

While I know that she has had her hair cut before it was still the first time I got to take her. Mrs. Vicki (my second mom, and the person who has always cut my hair) did a great job, and Maylin sat so very still. Of course Grandma and I had to ooooh and ahhh over her, take pictures and save a little lock of her hair. Silly, silly mommy!
"Firsts" will never get old!

She looks so serious here doesn't she?

Pierson on the other hand could have cared less. He was just glad that Mrs. Vicki had something in the shop to entertain him! :) He got to go with Daddy a few days earlier and get his hair cut and guess who didn't take the camera?
Oh well, there is always next time. :)


Kristi said...

Aww! Great job holding still Maylin! Mrs. Vicki cut Kylie's hair for the first time too.
It must be "haircut week," Darcy is going to have her first trim this morning!
Shame on Adam for forgetting the camera, though I'm not sure I can envision him pulling it out anyway...

Grandma Shultz said...

Maylin, you were such a big girl and sat so still for Mrs. Vicki. Your hair looks so cute. Pierson, you look happy as a "lark" playing with that toy....and your hair looks nice, also.