Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day at the "Five Waters"

Grandpa's wedding day began with a little swim in the New River in West Jefferson. Pierson likes to call this watter the 5 waters because I was joking around and said we were going swimming in class five rapids (the new river is anything but!)
Fast forward a few days and we now classify water according to the size...

"waller my ga-house-a" (water at my house. aka the creek) is the 1 one water

"waller at gwam-ma's ga-house-a" (water at Grandma's house aka the pool) is the 2 water

"ga-big waller" (the new river) is the 5 water.

They never cease to amaze me with their associations and language skills. I don't think we could possibly have a better fit for our family than these two! I love them so dearly!

Here are a few snap shots from the day a the river with Grandpa, and the Miller 5.

Pierson loves his Buzz Lightyear goggles and insists on them being tight. That looks a little uncomfortable to me, but he likes it so... what do you do?
Maylin of course has to sport the "Hello Kitty" goggles.

Pierson liked collecting rocks and carrying them out into the water and "letting them go" It is a good thing because there were a lot of "beached rocks" at the river... A lot of rocks needed saving! :) He couldn't save them all but he did what he could.

And what fun is the river if you don't have a water fight with your Daddy. Of course I couldn't participate because I had my "big girl camera"! :) Lucky mommy!
Maylin eventually got tired of her goggles slipping around. (Maybe she needs to take a few lessons from her brother on how to tighten them) Within in five minutes she handed them to Grandpa who willingly and unprompted decided to try them on as well...

At least Maylin got them on right side up! :) Silly Grandpa! He is a good sport!

The kids decided they wanted to climb up the "class 5 rapids" with a little help from Mommy and Daddy. I think Daddy needed a little more help than Pierson and Maylin. They were too busy trying to climb up his head to notice that they were about to drown him! Luckily Daddy is stronger than both of them combined! :)

Finally they started to get braver. They made it all the way and then enjoyed sliding back down the rapids. Over and over we did this.

Pierson, my child who doesn't have any extra meat on him, needed a little break in the sun to warm up his shivering little legs.

Maylin loves a camera. Aunt Kristi aka Ayi which sounds like I.E. was gracious enough to let her snap a few photos... Hopefully she deleted the one's of me! :)

Little Darcy was so cute in the water. She observed the other kids and quickly fell in line and was exploring the water in no time.

Daredevil... I mean Caleb couldn't get enough of the rapids. He was so cute sliding recklessly down the rocks.

Maylin is my little fire cracker. She splashed in the water, slid down the rocks and giggled with the rest of them.

I just couldn't resist putting this picture in. It shows Maylin's determination and willingness to keep her head above water no mater the circumstances.

Somehow this is the only picture I got with all five kids in it. Sorry... it is the best I could do with five busy bodies! But it sure was fun!
Here is my handsome little buddy! I just love this little guy and his tender heart. His smile lights up my life!
Happy five water day!


Emily said...

Make sure you see the self portraits Maylin took at the reception. There are some pretty intense nostril pictures :)

Bekah said...

What are they going to think of the ocean???? 10 water!

Kristi said...

Mickey was totally rockin' the goggles!
We so need to plan a weekend camping trip to five water! Thanks for putting the idea in our minds!

Grandma Shultz said...

Looks like fun. I remember the river there at Elk Shoals so well.
I'd love to go there some day with them. Really like Grandpa's glasses - they are quite charming!