Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day of PreSchool

Their back packs were hung by the front door with care in hopes that the school fairy would soon take them there... :)

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of my kid-o's back packs hanging ready to go. I tried the best I could to explain to them what they were going to be doing in the morning. I even showed them pictures from the school website. There were pictures of the playground, the gymnastics time they will get each day, and of course pictures of the classroom. They were both super excited about gymnastics and the playground... and when I showed them the classroom pictures they both said "ummm... nope, dis-a-one" pointing to the gym and or playground. They weren't figuring out that the three things were a package deal.
Oh well they figured it out soon enough.

Lets just say that Maylin is not a morning person. If waking up isn't her idea, she is just not happy. This is me trying to get her to put her back pack on for a picture... She looks thrilled doesn't she?

Go ahead... laugh it up...

Pierson on the other hand was thrilled to get his backpack on and get ready to head out the door! He was so excited about school.

So maybe I didn't pick the best spot for a picture. The sun was so bright they couldn't open their eyes all the way. But at least I got the moment documented.

Loaded up in the car and ready to go. Maylin finally woke up enough to brave a smile. Thank goodness because I was getting nervous for her teacher!

When we got to school I walked them in and they both just went right into their classes. Maylin looked at me briefly as if to say. "Really? You are leaving me here?" But she quickly went on in. Pierson went straight in. Two of his friends from church are in his class so he didn't bat an eye. I stayed for a little while (I am friends with the owner and I am going to be teaching the summer session starting next week for the elementary kids so I wasn't just being the obnoxious parent who thinks the rules don't apply. I was checking out my classroom and supplies.)
I passed Pierson in the hall twice and each time he was smiling and said, "Hi Mommy!" I also secretly watched Maylin in gymnastics. It was soooo funny watching her figure out how to jump down the tumble track (a long trampoline). She looked like a mix between a rabbit and a chicken. She was hopping well and using her head to help thrust her forward! It was pretty stinking cute/hilarious!
Leaving them there had a mix of emotions. I was proud of them, excited for them and sad at the same time. My little babies are growing up... (even though I have only had them for just over 2 months) it seems like they have been here forever.
None-the-less I am so blessed to get to watch these two grow up and do all of their 'firsts' from here on out!

Here are their excited little faces after school heading to the car rider line. Yes I was that silly parent who got out of the car to take their picture! :) I just had to do it! Thank you Mrs. Stella and Mrs. Shane for making our first day great!
They talked about it the whole way home!


Grandma Shultz said...

So happy that the first day went so well. Maylin and Pierson, you are so brave to start something brand new without Mommy or Daddy being with you. Can't wait for visitation day later in the summer. Want to see them on the tumble track!

Mickey said...

this is just the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!

Larry and Carol said...

It is amazing the way they are settling into life in NC. It's all that love they feel.

Kristi said...

Oh how I miss that preschool! Ayi loves you guys!

Anonymous said...

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