Monday, May 9, 2011


These two never cease to amaze me with their creativity.
Who knew a book about trees could provide hours of entertainment? 
They found this book deep in a book shelf. Instead of thinking that it was boring like most kids/I would they looked through the pages to find different types of leaves and tried to match them up to anything green.

They took their job very seriously. Studying each picture and each leaf. I am not sure how they came up with their "matching" criteria but it worked for them and I guess that is what is important right?!


Anonymous said...

Love this! They are both so smart!
~Kate and Andy

Amy Murphy said...

That is absolutely adorable. I would do something like that, but I'm not 5 yrs old! What cute little students, taking their education into their own hands. They are adorable!

Kathy said...

When kids do something like that on their own initiative and creativity, it is so exciting!! Maylin and Pierson really are an inspiration. What beautiful children.
Love, Grandma M

Kristi said...

Little scientists in the making...