Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Do You Do When...

you both won't fit in the same box?
 You stuff the other one in and call him a special delivery!

 Caleb, "Here you go Mommy!"
 Surprise! It's a Pierson! ... Hey guys that was fun! We should do that again.
 Surprise Grandma, it's a Caleb!
 and then a Maylin! (Grandma must have been extra sweet to get two deliveries!
 I got a Darcy!
And Kristi, (aka Mommy or Ayi) got a Kylie!

We only have first class deliveries at our house!


Amy Murphy said...

Ooh! I wish someone would send me a cutie like that in a box! They are too funny. I love seeing the games kids come up with; they have such great imaginations!

Kristi said...

Why do we bother to buy kids toys? Our five are proof positive that boxes are much more fun!