Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Day Egg Hunt

 Pierson cracked me up. We had the kids lining up to go outside to hunt eggs and he frantically said "I be right back". He had been so excited to find eggs I couldn't imagine what would be so important that he had to delay the hunt.
Alas, it was his bunny ears from Grandpa Mickey! What good egg hunter hunts without his ears?

-Another funny on Pierson. While 10 of us (The M family, my family and Mom) were scurrying around getting ready for church I noticed his shoes were wet and had grass clippings on them?
Me: "Pierson why are your church shoes wet?"
Pierson: "I went outside."
Me: confused "Why?"
Pierson: looked down, paused, and with a grin said "I looking forw eggs."

 Darcy is so stinking cute! She was very pleased with her findings.

 Caleb proud of his collection.
This little princess makes my heart melt. Maylin was enthusiastice about every aspect of Easter!
Kylie is very thoughtful about everything. Nothing gets past her. Especially an unfound egg. 

The five sorting their loot. 
 After the hunt we walked out to check the Blue Bird house that Grandpa Shultz had built. It had four baby blue birds in it! So cute.
 We all took turns quietly peering into the house.
 Eggs, Birds and Lizards Oh my! None of the kids were even remotely afraid of the lizard Uncle Ian caught.
 Maybe a little surprised when they jump on your face before climbing down your chest... but not afraid.
 Caleb is totally all boy! What more proof do you need? Scuffed elbow and a lizard on your shoulder!
 Maylin makes me a little nervous with how tightly she holds the catch of the day. One day I am afraid we are going to see the insides of one of these things! :0
 Pierson enjoys having another boy to play with. He and Caleb race around and chase each other on scooters while dodging everyone else. I came pretty close to losing some skin on my ankles a couple of times.
 That evening we built a fire and roasted hot dogs and s'mores!
Dirty dirty girl! You should have seen what came off of all of them in the bathtub that night. Gross!!! But they sure had a lot of fun!

 Ayi helping build s'mores.
 Needs no words... Sheer delight!
 Kristi and Ian taking turns roasting marshmallows for the kids.
 After a bit of sugar overload Maylin needed to kick up her legs and relax. It was a great end to a day of celebrating our risen Savior!

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