Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter in the Park with Family

Yep I am behind on the blog... sorry
The Saturday before Easter we spent the day at a local park with Family to celebrate Easter together. It was a lovely afternoon of eating, playing, hunting eggs, and taking long walks through the woods. 

 My grill master. Who else scraps a grill with a rock and a floral oven mitt? :)
 Grandma brought a parachute game. The kids loved trying to pop the bean bags in the air.
 And when their arms got tired of shaking... it made for a great burrito shell!
 My Aunt brought eggs for the kids to hunt.

 The kids were a little confused/surprised that the eggs were empty. LOL Thankfully they had prizes for each kid in the end.  

The prizes were butterfly nets. 
Did I say butterfly?  I meant  anything-that-moves nets!

Pierson and Kylie decided to catch each other!
And they were not letting each other go! 

 We just had to get a "cousins" picture. It was much more difficult than I anticipated. Apparently taking nine kids picture in front of great climbing rocks is not a great idea. The call of the rocks is just to powerful for kids to resist! This was the best picture I could get before the the first escape. Can you tell who the first was?

 Pierson got side tracked on our walk. He had to see what he could catch in the creek.
 An innocent little splash in the creek led to full fledged romp...
 and roll!
We wrapped up the afternoon with cousin Erin doing crafts with the kids. It was a great end to a great day! It made me thankful for family and the relaxed pace of spring!


Amy Murphy said...

That looks like a wonderful day!

Kristi said...

I do love that picture of Kylie and Pierson walking with nets over one another's heads.
Oh, and the one of Maylin's expression over the empty eggs. Never have to wonder what she is thinking...
It was a wonderful day!