Monday, October 22, 2012

1 of Many Reasons I Love Home Schooling.

Pierson and Maylin came into our lives at ages four and five. We haven't stopped moving since the day we became a family of four. We are incredibly busy and they are incredibly active! 
Two and 1/2 months after they came home we put them in a 2-day-a-week summer program at the preschool I was teaching at for the summer. 2 months after that Pierson started Kindergarten and Maylin continued with preschool. 
I don't regret those decisions but there were many days I would have rather had them home to myself.
 We didn't get the time for family bonding and really getting to know each other like I would have wanted before sending them off to school.  
I am not trying to say that we haven't bonded as a family.  We certainly have now. But we missed a lot of time in their lives and I selfishly I always wanted them home.

A typically public school day. 
Drag the kids out of bed before they were ready to get up.  Dress them while they are still laying down and not fully awake. Quickly eat breakfast, brush their teeth and rush out the door. 
Get home from school. Begrudgingly do homework. Play for just a little bit. Rush to what ever sports practice/church activity or both was happening that night. Rush home. Eat dinner at some point. Take a bath read a book and get to bed. Day in and day out we did this. 
How much time for family bonding did this leave? Not much. 

A typical Home School day. 
The kids happily wake up on their own between 7:45-8:15ish. Daddy fixes them a breakfast and spends a bit of quality time with them in the morning. I (someone who needs my sleep) sleep until 8:30 when Daddy is about to leave for work. I get up. While I am taking a shower and getting ready for the day the kids get dressed, brush their teeth and make their beds. Somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 we start school. We start the day with devotions and bible (I love this time) then move on to social studies, reading, writing, science, math and Mandarin.  Depending on how hungry we get we take a break in the middle for an early lunch or finish school first and then lunch. At any rate so long as we aren't interrupted we finish between 1:00 and 2:00 each day. 

That leaves A LOT more time before evening activities for things like 
 smashing quartz rocks while looking for gold. 

lots of time to fill coat pockets with treasured rocks.
 becoming a super hero
 making cookies for Daddy's office staff.

eating the cookie batter for Daddy's office staff

 leaping tall bails of hey.
 climbing trees.
 Picking the BEST pumpkin in the patch. 
 becoming an acrobat
 having picnics in the park with other home school friends
 doing hands on science projects...
 with Daddy!
 Reading about the way a lot of the world does things and trying to recreate things we learned about (ie bricks and brooms).
 Riding bikes on trails with friends.
 Playing at the park with friends.

 painting outside 
 Climbing Mts. with home schooled cousins
 Discovering "new worlds"
 Playing word search games with our science experiment magnets
And finally... having time to just be a kid...

Yes we are still busy in the evenings with soccer, gymnastics and church but somehow those things are much more enjoyable since we have had the entire afternoon to play and explore. Life is much more simple, enjoyable and relaxing now that we are home schooling...

And we LOVE IT!


Grandma Shultz said...

What could be more perfect for your family. The kids a thriving.
Love to see their inquisitive minds as they investigate new things.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you have hit on a winning formula. I'm so pleased that you now have time for family life in addition to school and activities. Your bold step into the uncertain is really paying off!!
Love, Grandma Miller

Cassie said...

love it! what a blessing to everyone :)