Friday, October 19, 2012

Disney on Ice

Adam and I decided to take the kids out for a special evening to see Disney on Ice. 
Maylin asks at least once a week if i am going to take her to Disney World to see the princesses. I just smile and shake my head "I don't know honey. Disney World is pretty expensive." I don't want to totally crush her but also don't want to lie to her and tell her that we are going because... well, it is pretty expensive.  In my mind taking her to Disney on Ice will maybe appease this princess loving little girl.

 The kids had no idea where we were going. They both tried to guess on the ride there.  Maylin was hoping for Disney World. Pierson was quick to tell her she was wrong because we didn't have any suitcases packed and we were leaving at night. (clever one he is.) He just thought we were going to a fancy restaurant because they were all dressed up (even though we ate at home before we left?).  
As we got closer Maylin YELLED, "WE'RE GOING TO THE CITY!" I had to laugh as she acted as if we live on the prairies in the 1900's and only got to see a city once or twice a year. Granted we don't go 'uptown' a lot but we are in Charlotte several times a week.
By this point Maylin remembered this was the route that she and I took to get to Disney on Ice last year.
(How in the world she remembered that is beyond me?)
 She said. "We are going to Disney on Ice!"
 Pierson then chimed in "NO! That wouldn't be fair because Disney on Ice is for GIRLS!"...
Without giving the surprise away I said well last years Disney on Ice was just princesses so it was pretty girly but sometimes they have other things too. He still wasn't convinced.
We kept the secret and let them keep guessing. They were enjoying being in "the city" even though they had no idea what we were up to.
As we approached the arena they saw the billboards for Disney on Ice.
Pierson still wasn't thrilled.
(OK maybe this wasn't going to be the best idea?)
I wish I knew what Maylin was whispering to convince him that it was going to be fun. Whatever it was it was starting to work. 
Then I told him that Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear were going to be there... That really brought out the smiles.
I'll save you an explanation of each of the pictures but these were some of the kids favorites.
Mickey and Minnie needed a tow
Mater and the crew were there to help! McQueen was also there. Pierson about jumped out of his seat when he caught a glimpse of the life size Mater and McQueen!
Ariel and Prince Eric.
the army men
Jessie. Maylin really liked seeing Jessi!
Ken and Barbie
This one was a bit creepy. In Toy Story 3 the day care children aren't kind to the toys. Here they are coming for the characters. Maylin wasn't thrilled about this. LOL
"The Claw!"
Tinkerbell and the fairy crew were also there. Maylin said "cousin Darcy would love this!"
After it was over they got to pick out a little treat. And by little I mean LITTLE. Geeze. Disney has this whole money making thing down to a science!
In the end we had two very happy/tired kids.
Was it a bit on the expensive side, yeah.
Was it worth it? Every penny.


Courtney said...

What a fun night. I took my niece and nephew last year, and yes it is expensive, but I figured cheaper than Disney World!

Kristi said...

And you didn't have his Buzz costume along to increase his excitement factor? ;)
Glad that it ended up being a magical night for all! One day we will have to catch a Disney on Ice show ourselves.

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