Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yep this really happened.

(in a soothing British voice)
One such day whence the tepid heavens blew while the foliage glistened in crimson sun, mine own groom and offspring set off to harvest the plumpest of all grapes fit only for a king.
  Once their bounty of fruit swelled the brim of thine urn a blanket was thrown and a hearty match of chess came to pass.

.....insert a VERY LOUD record scratch
 The truth is... Yes. Adam and Pierson picked some grapes to eat and YES they played chess on a blanket in the yard. But it probably sounded something more like this.
"Dad will you play chess with me NOW?"
Adam: "Yes Pierson give me a minute"
Pierson: "I have been waiting to play my whole life!" in the most dramatic voice he can muster. "Can we pick some grapes?"
Adam: "I thought you wanted to play chess?"
Pierson: "I do!"
Adam: "OK let's pick some grapes and play chess while we eat them."
Pierson: "OK!"

Enter Maylin.

Pierson; "MAYLIIIIIINNNN! That piece can't go there!"

Exit Maylin

Pierson and Daddy continue to play a brilliant game of chess.


Grandma Shultz said...

Those grapes were so good. Thanks for picking. What could be more fun than laying in the grass and playing chess with Daddy?!

Kristi said...


This totally cracked me up...