Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Time of Year

The journey of our pumpkins has been a fun one.  It started at a local pumpkin patch with our cousins (also home schoolers).  Before we headed out on the wagon ride the kids had a blast leaping and bounding across  giant hay bails. 

 These were actually supposed to be part of a maze. Is it cheating if you use go over it instead of through it?

 Pierson LOVED the hay ride. I just love this smile!

 Pierson had to find the biggest pumpkin in the patch.
 In the beginning he insisted on carrying his pumpkin all the way back to the wagon...
but it kept getting heavier and heavier.
 Finally he settled on rolling it!
Maylin posing with our family of pumpkins.

   We had as much fun carving them as we did finding them. Maylin wanted a "Starry Night" theme. Pierson wanted a witch flying on a broom stick.

 The kids picked their themes, helped open them up and scrape out the guts but they left the carving to Mom and Dad. :)
 They were to distracted by the nearby wild turkey's gobbling and the Horned owl's hooting to focus on the carving. Nothing says Fall like the sounds of nature! Here they are trying to call back to the owl!

In the end they were each particularly pleased with the results of their pumpkins!
Happy Halloween!

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