Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Maylin

This little birthday girl was a little less than enthusiastic about waking up on her birthday! Adam and I went in singing "happy birthday". (It was time to get up for school)

She did at least hold up her fingers to let us know how old she was, and she mustered up a little smile for her birthday crown!

 After she was fully awake she was all smiles! Isn't she the most beautiful birthday princess you have ever seen?
An interesting side note: I asked if she had ever celebrated her birthday before with cakes and candles and presents and songs? She acted as if she didn't hear me, but Pierson chimed in... "No Mommy! Not at all! We no have dis before." :( True or not it broke my heart just a little. I am so thankful that they are with us now and that we can celebrate their lives with them!
 I got to substitute in her class that day! So much fun! I was with her all day! This was her cupcake covered birthday grin!
 During gym time they played duck-duck-goose. Maylin got to go first as she was the birthday girl! And if you will notice she let "my Jen-ee-fuwr" wear her crown!
 More duck-duck-goose.
 That evening we opened more presents!  We also went to eat  Pizza! (I mistakenly didn't take my camera to the restaurant). Her presents ranged from cash registers, princess shoes, princess jewelry to vacuum cleaners!
 This was one happy birthday girl!
 I just had to throw this one in. She thought it was hilarious to scan her 'shinny hinny' to find out how much it was worth!

Happy Birthday Pumpkin Pie!!! You are the best gift anyone could ever ask for!


Jordan Carl said...

Wow! Fun birthday for sure. I don't remember getting that much princess stuff for any of my birthdays!

Happy Birthday Maylin!!!

Cassie said...

happy birthday to maylin! the beauty of it all is that she (like all our children) are the real love love.

Kristi said...

My precious niece,
I'm sorry that we weren't able to be with you on your birthday, but I sure am glad you were home with your mommy and daddy this year!
Your smile is a gift to the rest of us!
I love you!

Lindy said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Maylin!!
She just keeps getting prettier and prettier.
Did she pick pizza over PF Chang's?

Larry and Carol said...

What a beautiful birthday princess. I know you had a wonderful time celebrating with her.