Monday, November 15, 2010

What's that I hear?

 As I was picking up toys in the living room I heard a faint jingle coming from somewhere in the distance. Was is Santa's reindeer coming early this year? Was it little Elf bells ringing with joy while checking to see if my kids were being naughty or nice?'
 ... NOPE
to my dismay it was the sound of Mom's China dishes clinking together as Maylin was unloading the dishwasher!

"Umm... Honey, what are you doing?"
"I hep u Mawm"
"Oh, do you mind if I help you?"
"No es OK I do it mysewf"...
Ummm... yikes!
While trying to convince her to let me help I hear a quiet rustling around the corner. Maybe that is where the elves are hiding. :) So I tiptoe around to try and figure out what the noise is...
To my surprise there was a tiny boy stuffed in the toy box.

(this picture was actually taken a few day later while hiding again)
This one wasn't an elf either. Nope. It was my son hiding in the toy box!? I guess he didn't want to get stuck helping unload the dishwasher?
How in the world did he fit in there?


Amy Murphy said...

Is he really in that tiny little cubbie??? That's amazing! And isn't it so hard to not let them "help" w/ certain things while not discouraging them from being helpful and industrious?

Grandma Shultz said...

What a sweet little helper, Maylin. Pierson, how did you get into that little cubby-hole? There is never a dull moment and I love it.

Kristi said...

At least the china collection is ecclectic...
And I want to see him get himself into that cubbie when we are in town next week! I still can't believe he's actually in there!