Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treating!

Cute and innocent little siblings right?! Two that adore each other and look out for each other. Two that have been through a lot in their short little lives together. Two that love each other and will always do what is in the others best interest...
 uh huh! :)
 Yep! Always looking out for each other and making sure they look their best in all their pictures.

Maylin and Princess Abigail. Maylin thinks Abby is awesome. Abby was so sweet explaining what Trick or Treat was all about. Going up to someone's house for no reason was a strange concept to Pierson and Maylin. They would ask, "Why we do dat?"
Think about it. That is a very reasonable question. One which I had no answer for. "Ummm, just for fun?" As lame as I knew that answer was they accepted it and followed their cousins around.

 Even Superman needs a hug from time to time! :) This is one little guy who loves his Daddy!
 Walking to the first house. Notice my kids were bringing up the rear... All too soon they realized that if a porch light was on someone was going to be behind the door with a bowl of candy. After that they were hard to keep up with! On the way to the second house I said, "Look the light is on! Should we go there?" Pierson exclaimed "Oh Yeah DO DAT!" and he was gone in a flash!
 and the race was on! :)

This house had a spooky coffin. As the kids walked past this vampire sat up! At first Pierson ran backwards. Maylin stood still in shock. As Pierson started to tiptoe around it Maylin yelled, "Don't yeave me!" and began to run. But Curiosity got them and they snuck back up to it to get a better look.
 Pierson got the shudders! :) "Why her do dat?" he asked... again... I got nothin'! "ummm... because...?"

This is what was waiting for us when we got back to Tricia's house. All of the Grandparents sitting comfortably around the fire ready to make smores! I can't think of a better way to end trick-or-treating! Grandma's who love them, Great Aunt and Uncle who adore them, homemade apple cider, a toasty warm fire with chocolate, "mushy mewwows" (aka marsh mellows) and Graham crackers! Ah.... the finer things in life!


Kristi said...

Man, ending trick-or-treating with smores? Now that's an idea! Glad you guys introduced them correctly.

And of course Pierson was tough to keep up with. He was Superman, right?

Grandma Shultz said...

What a great evening of Halloweening. Great dinner, nice fire, s'mores, conversation, seeing all of the different costumes. Thanks to all who made it a special evening for the kids and the adults.

Chad Whiteman said...

Love how big brother takes care of little sister with a little tug on the cheek to enhance the smile. That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing the pics.