Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July Celebrations

Our First attempt to have 4th of July Celebrations was on July 3rd. I was working our craft booth with my cousin Monica while the rest of my family was making their way into the park in Harrisburg to enjoy the festivities. We were excited about the kids enjoying their first 4th of July as America residents. However Maylin apparently started to not feel well and as they were on the path in to the park she vomited all over Adam who was carrying her. :( Poor little thing. Needless to say Adam took her home and cleaned her up to let her sleep off her upset belly.
July 3rd was a wash for our "first 4th family celebration".

Pierson still enjoyed the evening getting a balloon and watching the fireworks. He was kind enough to get a balloon for his sick little sister too. Isn't he sweet!

Attempt number two on the actual 4th of July.

Now that we were all feeling better we could really enjoy the festivities! Pierson had been upset that he didn't get to ride any rides the night before. Judging by the time expression on his face above I the wait was worth it.

Maylin wasn't exactly sure about the ride at first but she ended up really enjoying it!

Of course we had to ride the ponies. Ever since then Pierson has asked to ride Mom's horses... They are 34 and about 39 years old... I don't think they want to be ridden anymore but I can't get Pierson to really understand that. I have tried to explain that we might break their backs if we got on them but he just says, "Mommy it's OK, Horses stwong!"

Maylin was excited to ride the ponies but definitely didn't want Daddy to leave her side. She got to pick the pony she wanted because she was first in line. She immediately went to this cute little grey one.

They absolutely loved "driving these race cars! Watch out Dale Jr. Here come my speed lovers.

Of course bouncy things are some of the favorite things . Maylin did this one about 5 times before she was content enough to move on.

Catching some air! I love this little boys enthusiasm for life!

They both wanted to ride the swings. Contrary to this picture they both thoroughly enjoyed them. It was hard to get a good picture because it was dark and they were moving pretty fast.

What is a festival without picking up ducks from the water? They Pierson won a stuffed turtle and Maylin won a stuffed duck.

Now that we were out of tickets it was time to go get in our places to watch the fireworks. Pierson was so excited for Maylin to be able to see them. Even though he told me that they had seen fireworks before. (no doubt! They lived in the place they were invented!) Thanks to Daddy and and our friend Brandon these tired little legs got one more ride.

Pierson and Maylin brought their own little chairs to sit back and enjoy the show! At first they sat so still. It seemed that they were going to watch the whole show without moving.... but that didn't last long. After about 5 minutes they were up and moving around not even paying attention. Until the finale which caught their attention!

What better way to finish of 4th of July festivities than with a funnel cake?! Pierson thought this was a great idea. Especially the powdered sugar part! I don't think he even noticed that he was being watched until...

I called his name. I love the look I got. He couldn't even be bothered to lift his head... just his eyes. And I really love the fact that he was holding the rest of the funnel cake in his hand. I guess we know which part he liked the best. :)
PS. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Shultz who's birthday is July 4th! We can't wait to come up to Ohio to visit soon!


Grandma Shultz said...

The fourth of July was so much fun. Hope Daddy Shultz had a delightful birthday with all of his Ohio family around. On the
3rd, it was fun to have Kristi, Ian and children with us as well for the fireworks. Sorry Maylin and Adam missed them that evening.
One nation, under God! Yeah America!

Larry and Carol said...

Great pictures - can you stop to see us on your way to Ohio

Kristi said...

Glad that your "real 4th" celebration turned out healthier than the 3rd! The kids looked like they had a blast ~ start saving up money and mark your calendars now to join us for the state fair...