Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back Yard Fun and Picnic

Another hot summer day brings another need for relaxing in the water tubs. Maylin really knows how to kick back and enjoy life. She makes me laugh.

She is one that doesn't need to know why earth spins, how the TV works, why dogs bark... she just accepts that they do and goes on relaxing and enjoying life.

Pierson on the other hand is completely opposite. He needs to know why Chaucer's hair grows and other dog's don't, how a pen works down to the tiny spring inside, and why plants grow towards the light.
In this picture he is figuring out that if you force too much water in a bottle it will come out like a rocket when released!

Maylin relaxing enjoying the cooling effect of water.
Pierson cleaning Chaucer's water bucket after inquiring why algae grows in it.

Pierson, working hard and scrubbing the bucket.
Maylin, playing hard and squirting her brother.

In some ways these two couldn't be more different. However, in other ways they are very much the same. They both make me laugh... a lot. They both have lots of energy and keep me on my toes.
And thankfully they both like pretty healthy food.

Maylin, however, doesn't like flies on her sandwich.

Those silly flies became a little too comfortable with us for our liking so I...
put out a "dummy" bowl of yogurt to attract them away from our food. Worked like a charm. Love, love, love summer days.


Jordan Carl said...

I like the makeshift pool! Maylin looks like she is enjoying lounging in the pampered pool for princesses!

Kathy said...

Love how your two approach life so eagerly from different directions. What a joy!!

Kristi said...

That picture of her showering her brother is a hoot!

Grandma Shultz said...

Fun summer afternoon in the water. You are very inventive, Mommy, getting the flies diverted to the yogurt!
Love you guys!