Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fireflies on a Summer Evening

What can be better than chasing fireflies on a Summer Evening? Not a whole lot. Especially when you aren't familiar with these "shinny hinnies". The smallest of things are still amazing to them and I love it!

They ran all over the yard chasing these things! It was a lot of fun watching them get better and better at catching them. At first we weren't very good at being 'gentle' with them. Oops. But before long they were catching them and keeping them alive. Sorry little 'shinny hinnies', rest in peace.

Pierson got a little frustrated as it got darker and they were getting harder to find. :)

But he sure was fascinated by the jar full of the little critters. (yes we poked holes in the lid so they could breath.) He thought he should get a penny for every bug he caught. Pennies are like gold around here! They will do anything for one! I love it! I think he thought he was helping control the bug population so he should be rewarded. :)

Maylin wanted to hold her friends for a while before she put them in the jar. She would say, "Mommy, MayYen catcha buga!"
I used to be upset that fireflies only came out during the summer, but now I understand that if we had them all the time we wouldn't appreciate the sheer entertainment they can bring to our lives. Thank you Jesus for all the fun you provide for us that we often take for granted.


Kristi said...

Can't believe that we didn't catch fireflies while you guys were here. Just wait till you get them to Ohio ~ do you remember how many fireflies there are over the fields there?

Grandma Shultz said...

Catching "shiney hinnies" is so much fun. Maylin and Pierson, you are getting so good at catching them. And thank you for releasing them before you come into the house so they can find their families. What fun!