Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day on the Hill at the Bigger's Farm

We are blessed with so many wonderful friends. I can't say enough about the love and support we have gotten since bringing Pierson and Maylin home and even before that! A couple of those friends are Kate and Andy and Kate's wonderful parents Jim and Stephanie. A few weeks ago (I am a little behind) We were invited to "the Hill" aka Jim and Stephanie's house to see their new bunnies! Of course we couldn't pass that opportunity up so off we went to pet the rabbits. We had no idea the adventure we were in for. What a great afternoon!

Stephanie was getting the first bunny out. Maylin was sure that she was going to be able to hold them by herself. I assured her she couldn't! :)

If this doesn't warm your heart, you must not have one! :)

Stephanie picked a couple small cucumbers from her "Better Homes and Gardens" garden (really it is that gorgeous!) to feed the bunnies. They licked them a couple of times but I am not sure they ate. I think the energy of the kids made them a bit nervous.

Kate helped Maylin feed.

Stephanie helping Pierson... Before long it was time to put the bunnies up and go check out the rest of "The Hill".

This is my "Stinkerbell" letting the roosters know who was in charge around here!

Pierson picking fresh black berries! Fortunately for Mommy he likes to share! :)

Stephanie got a few different chickens out for the kids to pet. I was amazed at how tame they were. Maylin wasn't sure about petting them, but Pierson was all about them!

He even got in the coup and helped pick up eggs. He only broke one. The concept of putting them down gently into the metal bowl was lost on him. If he isn't the cutest farmer though, I don't know who is!

Maylin was sure she was going to be able to wrangle the chickens all by herself. Thanks to Kate's quick feet she didn't get a chance to try. As I called to stop her she turned confidently, looked at me, put her hand up, and said, "It's OK Mommy." and proceeded to try to open the gate! Again, she is my "Stinkerbell"!!! :)

Even chickens can have enough of a 4 and 5 year old! So it was off to the barn (which Jim and Stephanie bought, tore down, moved and reassembled on their "hill". It is a beautiful place!
Maylin started crawling on the lawn mower so Andy took her for a ride! No blades on of course.
Andy said he had to wrestle her for the controls, and is amazingly strong! Kind of makes me chuckle. A big guy like Andy fighting a 34 pound little girl for power!

And of course Pierson had to have a turn so Stephanie took him! I am not sure who had more fun Pierson or Stephanie! I had fun just watching them!

And of course when they got back Maylin pulled her famous "one more time" quote. So off they went again! Stephanie is a great sport!

As we were walking back to the house the kids stopped to pet the horses. Good thing the electric fence was off!

Back at the house Andy gave the kids a couple of action figures including Darth Tater! No, I didn't misspell that. It is actually a Mr. Potato head dressed like Darth Vader! Thanks Andy that has been hours of entertainment!

Pierson found Mr. Jim's hat! Then we were served with caked and ice cream!!! I can't think of a better way to top off an afternoon on the farm!

Before we left Stephanie loaded us up with corn, potatoes, and tomatoes! YUMMY! Thanks again! We had so much fun!

That evening at Grandma's house we shucked the corn and ate it for dinner!!! It was delicious!!!

God truly has blessed us with wonderful friends!

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Lindy said...

What a fun outing for the kids. They are really experiencing so many new things!