Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming Lessons Needed!!!

(This post is several weeks behind)

The kids first day in a swimming pool was an adventurous one! Our friends (Teniah and her kids Anna and Aaron) had invited us over to swim at her Mom's pool. The kids were excited to see the "2 water". We loaded up on sunscreen and bathing suits and off we went. When we arrived several of the other kids were already in the pool swimming around and jumping off the diving board. Everything was going well... until Maylin decided she wanted to go off the diving board with no help (without warning). Luckily I was in the deep end close by because despite what you hear that kids natural instinct is to kick to come up she was perfectly still and just sunk. I rapidly grabbed her arm and pulled her up. I expected her to cry and be scared. Wrong! She thought it was hilarious! That is the moment I decided we needed to sign up for swimming lessons ASAP! Fortunately our friend Mrs. Cindy teaches lessons and she still had space open for the next session!

That next Monday we stared lesson's everyday for two weeks. (Mrs. Cindy is amazing! I highly recommend her for anyone in the Midland area!)

Here Mrs. Cindy is showing the kids what not to do when they are underwater. Maylin looks a little worried!

Now Mrs. Cindy is showing them what to throw in the water to save a drowning person. I love the hands on the hips from my "stinkerbell". Pierson I think was watching a bug on the ground.

These first few photo's are from the first few days of lessons. Cindy was teaching Maylin how to blow bubbles and kick her legs.

Here she is "swimming and doing chick monk cheeks.

"Right now I am still a little more interested in watching the camera than learning to swim."

Pierson insists on wearing his goggles in the water. The first few days his big accomplishment was just going all the way under and blowing bubbles.

Learning to swim on her back was not high on Maylin's list either. But Cindy persists!

Pierson was not exactly excited about going off the diving board. And he was freezing. The first few days our lessons were at 7:00 pm after the sun was behind the trees. We soon switched to the 2:00 pm lessons which went much better because the kids had the sun to help keep them warm.

But Cindy is a miracle worker and gets each kid to go off the board and helps them swim to the ladder and then on to the shallow end. In the beginning Pierson wasn't thrilled about swimming with his head down.

She also teaches them life saving skills. Here Pierson is pulling his partner in to safety.

Within a few days things had changed so much! Pierson has the blue kick board and Maylin has the pink. They both have their heads down and kicking across the shallow end all by themselves!

This picture has Pierson actually swimming by himself!!! I am in the background holding Maylin's hands after she practiced the dead-man-float.

Pierson is jumping off the board to Mrs Cindy's feet! After coming up for air he proceeded to swim by himself to the ladder! I have been so AMAZED at the transformation!

Pierson is saving Maylin

Maylin is actually diving in! (with a little help from Cindy on her form!)

And there goes Pierson, or is that Super Man?!

And almost as important as learning to swim is the cookies Mrs. Cindy gives after each lesson!

My little bundles are going to give Phelps a run for his money! ;)

Thanks Mrs. Cindy for being such an AWESOME teacher!!! My kids love you and so do I!!!


Stephanie Y said...

We start swim lessons with Mrs. Cindy tonight! I'm so excited about my boys learning to swim.

Kristi said...

Next summer I'm coming to stay for a two week session for my kids to learn from Ms. Cindy!
I'm so proud of what my niece and nephew have learned!

Lindy said...

Aren't you lucky to have this great teacher!! I think it is great that they had two solid weeks of daily lessons... and now they are swimmers! Way to go, Maylin and Pierson.

Granda Shultz said...

Maylin and Pierson, Grandma is so proud of you. You learned so quickly. Now we are having so much fun in Grandma's pool. Miss Cindy is a great teacher!
Love you,

Larry and Carol said...

They need to go to Grandma's everyday to practice. They look so cute.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me cindys contact info? She taught me and my sister and I now need to get my boys taught. I googled to try and find her bc I cant remember her last name and your page was all I could find. Thanks my email is