Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Next Mia Hamm and David Beckham?

Thanks to great friend of Adams and Grandpa Mickey, Mr. Wayne, Pierson and Maylin have some new balls, and gloves to learn a little bit about sports. They have been doing a great job. Both of them seem to have a natural knack for dribbling a soccer ball. I was amazed at how they kept up with it the ball and didn't kick it 20 feet in front of them. They made small kicks and kept it within two to three feet in front of them. It kind of makes me think that they were exposed to soccer in Taiwan.

Maylin looked so cute playing in her dress. She cracks me up.

Pierson decided to use the soccer ball for multi-purpose sport. He would dribble it around with his feet and then pick it up to shoot for a basket! Maybe he'll be the inventor of a new sport. Why not?

Maylin also had fun carrying around the football. They both liked throwing it, but neither one of them are really 'ready' to catch the ball. Daddy ended up with the ball but every once in a while she would run back to Daddy and have him throw it again...

Pierson even used the side of his feet to change the direction of the ball. I think I need to sign them up for soccer!
Mr. Wayne also gave the kids baseball gloves and tennis balls to throw instead of the hard baseball which may have ended us up in the emergency room! :)
They have been having fun using all of the new sports equipment! Thanks to Mr. Wayne! We are having a blast!


Grandma Shultz said...

Recreational sports teams, here we come! Maylin and Pierson you just seem to have such good coordination. I'm proud of you.

Lindy said...

Wow... they really caught on fast! Maylin and Pierson are game for everything.

Chad said...

Nice to see those guys lovin' soccer...the next generation of Americas looking like we will be soccer powers.

Kristi said...

Sign 'em up for soccer now! Love Maylin's choice for playing, she'll be revolutionizing the uniforms in addition to showing off her moves!