Friday, July 30, 2010

More Raliegh Fun!!!

I would be remiss if I didn't cover the rest of our adventure to Raleigh. It was a great time. The kids are so fun to watch as they get to know each other better and really begin to play with each other rather than play around each other.
Kristi got out the 'shark' pool and off they went. Within minutes they were all "fwimmin" in the pool. It is kind of funny watching all of them try to get their faces under water at the same time in this little pool.

Maylin is practicing the deadman float. Darcy was blowing bubbles, Pierson was splashing Aunt Kristi, Kylie was trying to keep her face from getting splashed and Caleb... well he was doing what Caleb does best; going here there and everywhere!

We did manage to get them all in one spot for a few seconds...

But that didn't last for very long before they were off!

Pierson had been ornery and spraying everyone with the big ball in the picture. (it hooks up to the hose and has holes all in it so it sprays all over the place.) Caleb couldn't let his cousin one-up him so he grabbed a cup and emptied it on Pierson's head.

Before long they had cars and wagons going every which way in the yard. It is hard to keep up with these guys!

After all of that play time it was definitely time for a bath. Uncle Ian had all of their horns... I mean hair squeaky clean.

We also made a stop at Goodberry's Frozen Custard Stand. AKA Blueberries according to the Kylie, Caleb and Darcy.

Grandma enjoying all five of her grandchildren while they enjoyed their custard! YUMMY!!!

What would be a sleepover without a dress up party?! These girls don't need crowns to prove they are our little princess'!

Thursday afternoon we went to a local swimming pool. The kids had a blast at the splash pad.
Pierson got a lesson in gravity. The swinging buckets tip over when they fill with water and drop several gallons of water down. It is quite of load of water on your head, but from the pictures below you can see that Pierson enjoyed every second of it!
Oddly enough at the end of this trip I felt like I had 5 gallons of water dropped on my head. It was exhausting, but worth every second!


Jordan Carl said...

looks like a fun time was had by all! I love the goggles Pierson is sporting!

Kathy said...

It is so fun to see the five kids together-I love how play with each other.

Kristi said...

And we did have fun! My kids LOVED having their cousins here for a few days. And Caleb gave it his all, I'll have to send you a picture of him that I took about an hour after you guys rolled out.