Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thanks Cousin Donna for the Fun!

Thanks to some cool gifts we have been having a little extra fun in the "2 waters" (aka the pool)! Pierson and Maylin think their dolphin and turtle are the coolest thing ever. These critters grow up to 600% in the water.

Thanks Donna!!!

And Maylin is loving her bathing suit cover up! It keeps her nice and warm when she is eating her ice cream while taking a break from the water. Pierson's bathing suit is a little too big for this summer, but he is excited about wearing it next summer! (when he tried it on it just slid right off his tiny hinny! )

I am adding in a couple of extra fun pictures of some of our summer fun!
"I monkee"

"I like-a da! I funnee Mamee?"

Waving good bye for now!

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