Sunday, August 22, 2010

Evenings at the beach

Evenings at the beach consist of good food, good times and good ICE CREAM! We ate ice cream 4 nights during the week. And the other evenings we either had brownies, smores and/or salt water taffy.

Here the kids were amazed at watching Taffy be rolled up and stretched out.

Pierson displayed his piece of taffy which he watched get made! Fresh Salt Water Taffy is delicious!

Making smores after grilling Asian Burgers!

The kids learned a lot this trip... ocean, sand, and SMORES!!!

Does Superman lose any power if he is wearing a hair bow?

Another night of ice cream!!!

Posing with "Scoop" of the duo "Scoop and Dip" at the Calabash Creamery! ICE CREAM!!!

And of course the delicious Joe's Crab Shack!

MMMM... I love Crab legs!!!

As you can see while we are total beach bums by day, we are connoisseurs of all things delicious by night! :)


Kristi said...

Yep, connoisseurs of all things delicious. And I have the pounds to prove it...
Already looking forward to next year's pilgrimage to Joe's (cause it will take us that long to save up for it!)
And I love how you snuck in the random picture of your son wearing hairbows. He's gonna get even for that someday!

Grandma Shultz said...

I haven't looked at my scales but it was all worth it. Funny thing is, I don't eat ice cream much at all but at the beach it is just expected. Joe's Crab Shack does keep getting more expensive...but it is a tradition now so everyone start saving for next year! What a thrill to watch Maylin, Pierson and Darcy being introduced to so many new experiences. Kylie and Caleb were great teachers.