Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Signing off from Sunset Beach

Only a week and a half behind! :) There was so much about our first beach trip with Pierson and Maylin that I wanted to remember it has taken me a while to get it all posted. I think this will do it.

The last (and first) wagon ride to the beach. The wagon was usually full of chairs, bags and food. This time was different due to an unexpected thunderstorm during nap time. With a loud roll of thunder Kristi and I both emerged from our rooms. Both of us had left our cameras in our beach bags under the tent. Without thinking through our attire which consisted of bathing suit cover ups and undies. We went running with lightning flashing, thunder rolling and the wind a blowin'! While our house was conveniently close to the beach it was amazingly far away when one is running for ones life dodging lighting, keeping your eyes closed to avoid blowing sand and trying to keep your dress down in the wind! Pretty sure the crazy guy watching the storm on the board walk got a show... and it wasn't lighting! :) By the time we got there the rain was starting to come so we decided to get the things that weren't water proof first and throw them in the wagon. The other things we threw under the boardwalk. (chairs, tents, toys and coolers). After fumbling around for what seemed like 10 minutes, but was probably about 3, we got the tent down... why does ones brain shut down and forget everything you know in crazy situations. We had put that tent up and down so many times but this time neither one of us could remember how to do it. In the process the few lone umbrellas and tents that were left on the beach were either shredding or tumbling end over end down the beach along with my kids floats. At first thought Kristi and I thought maybe we will be the good Samaritans and put their tents down... then another strike of lightning flashed and without discussing it we turned back for the house with the wagon full of stuff and the giant turtle float.
All of that to say that is how we managed to have the wagon virtually empty which allowed the kids to ride it back to the beach.

Signing off from Sunset Beach! Adam, Traci, Pierson and Maylin!


Grandma Shultz said...

How I wish we had you and Kristi photographed while running through the lightening, wind and rain. Thankfully it was a funny and not tragic. What a week! Will give me many hours of memories over this next winter.

Kristi said...

Still remembering wondering why we were fumbling around to put down a broken tent ~ perhaps not our brightest moment this year...