Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

The words "summer love" can be used for so many things. It can be used for learning to love the sun, surf and sand. It can be used to describe one's feelings towards ice cream at the beach.

It can explain the joy of building castles in the sand with Daddy.

Or the thrill of flying a kite with your sister on a windy day at the beach.
Pierson following Paige into the water.
But I think it can best be used to explain Pierson's heart after meeting 7 and a half year old Paige at the beach. (Yes. Pierson is only 5 and a half). Paige and her friendly little (5 year old) sister joined us one day while digging in the sand. Their family was vacationing from Nebraska. It was love at first sight. Pierson couldn't keep his eyes off of Paige. Why not the 5 year old... I'll never know. (He gets it honestly because his Daddy and Uncle Ian went for older girls too. :)) He followed her everywhere she went. If she went to rinse the sand off, so did he. If she walked up to the "soft sand" so did he. It was really cute and she didn't seem to mind.

Summer Love at it's best!
One afternoon Paige's family came down later than normal. Once I spotted them, I smiled and calmly said "There's Paige." Pierson's eyes widened and he jumped up out of the "little waler" and ran up to meet her. Her family was setting up camp for the afternoon a little ways down the beach as it was a little more crowded than normal. Naturally Paige went with them. Pierson came back to me and excitedly informed me that she said "She be wight back. OK?" My heart giggled. I tried really hard not to tease him about his crush (I remember despising being teased about boys.) I just pretended not to notice and tried to be nonchalant as I snapped photo after photo to tease him with WAY later in life! :) Oh the fun we will have!

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Kristi said...

Sweet Pierson... That was fun to watch! I've got some more pictures of them together, remind me to send them to you sometime!