Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chaucer, or Should I Say Super Dog

A funny thing happened around here a few days ago. Chaucer became upgraded from dog-who-barks-a-lot-and-gets-in-your-face to SUPER DOG.
It all started like this. I was in the kitchen getting ready to unload the dishwasher when I heard too much giggling from the dinning room for it to be a good thing. I walked around the counter to see my kids laughing hysterically at Chaucer who's legs were tied up with his leashes. He was trying to walk, but not getting very far. I chuckled to myself (Chaucer didn't seem to be distressed) but told the kids not to do that again because Chaucer didn't like to be tied up. I untied him and left the room. Next thing I know is Chaucer walks into the kitchen with his leash on and the hand loop wrapped around his tail. He laid down under the dishwasher and sighed so I reached down and unhooked him.

Next thing I hear was "MOUWM! CHAUWCWER!" Wondering what could be going wrong now I looked to find nothing out of the ordinary. Pierson however began miming what I believe was Chaucer unhooking his own leash! Oh how I wanted to laugh! With a straight face I said "Chaucer doesn't like to be tied up. He must have taken it off."
Pierson couldn't muster up any words he just nodded his head. Then a look came into his eyes which lead to the next picture.

He decided he wanted to see Chaucer in action. So he hooked him back up got, some grapes out of the refrigerator and set up camp. I warned him that Chaucer didn't like to show off his super talents and he may not do while he was watching. I knew though that Pierson would get fidgety before long. I decided to wait HIM out! I stayed close by but far enough away that Pierson would never suspect me. I was right! After about 3 minutes he went to get a toy out of his room to play with while he watched. As he did I quickly but oh so quietly went to the kitchen and unhooked the leash and made it back to the dinning room before Pierson entered. As he did his jaw dropped and his hands were in the "what in the world?" position! All he could do was squint his eyes and shake his head in disbelief. I of course played ignorant and said "what happened?" He just pointed and kept shaking his head. I walked around the counter to 'see' what happened and said "See, I told ya! Chaucer doesn't like to be tied up!"
Pierson couldn't believe it! His dog was amazing! And I couldn't believe how fun it was tricking him! :)

Some kids believe in Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy... not my kids they have never heard of these guys. My kids believe in SUPER DOG!
Chaucer and I are the only ones who know the truth and he's not talking! So if any of you feel the need to rat me out just think of poor Chaucer who will start getting tied up again! And know that you will be on my list! :)


Bekah said...

I LOVE it! I needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks Traci! Love and miss you guys!

Grandma Shultz said...

Chaucer never ceases to amaze me. He is so patient and loving with the kids. He really is a "Super" dog. Pierson and Maylin you better not tie Chaucer again. He may use his super powers and tie you with him!

Kristi said...

I can totally imagine Pierson's bewildered face when he came back to an unleashed Chaucer!
Who needs the Easter Bunny when you've got Super Dog?