Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon at the Pool

What does a Sunday Afternoon with friends look like at the pool?
One might think that the entertainment would be provided mostly by the kids while the adult onlookers chatted and kept a watchful eye on them.
On the contrary. In this case it was 99% the other way around.

Here is a look at some of the mostly unsuccessful float surfing done by the adults in the group. Too bad we didn't have a video going... we may have been able to win $10,000!

Tricky Daddy!

Buckin' Brandon!

Just out of reach Andy.

and Woe! Nose Dive Joe. Ouch! :) Notice to the far left His daughter Kathrine grimacing for her daddy!
Even the women were having some fun.

Before long the kids decided that they didn't want to be shown up and they started doing their own "toned down" version of surfing.
Maylin didn't like being shown up and decided that she was going to show the men how it was done. She is one determined little girl!
Emma is not far behind Maylin in the Dare Devil category! In fact they may be tied!

This picture just makes me laugh! Can you imagine what was being said? This is my version of what was being said.
Joe- "...and the bear was right on my tail as I was running through the quicksand."
Andy- "Oh My! Not the quicksand!"
Adam- "A bear in the quicksand? Hmm sounds delightful?"

Pierson was outsmarted while trying to blow water in Brandon's face.
After lunch and hours of fun the 'picture' started to drastically slow down.

Emma and Susannah actually laid themselves down.

I guess the ground wasn't comfy enough so they headed to higher ground. Susannah was out like a light.

Emma snuggled up with Bethanye.

Pierson started losing his mind! :)

Maylin got a little cranky and needed a little time out. :)
And Daddy looked like he had been beat up! :)
At the end of the day though we were all able to look back and smile. It is such a blessing to have such great friends to share our lives with! God is SO good!
Amanda sorry you didn't get to stay very long! Hopefully we'll do it again real soon!


Grandma Shultz said...

What fun it was to watch you adults acting like kids! Made me feel younger! Lots of laughter and fun enjoyed by all. You are all welcome at my home and pool any time!

Kristi said...

Oh how I miss Sunday afternoons at Mama's!

Amanda said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!!! I hate I missed it and I know my family had fun!!! I am glad you took some pictures:-)