Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cinderella Has a Brother?

I bet you missed the part of the movie that talked about Cinderella's brother? Apparently she had a brother that was locked away and only came out to help her do her chores... according to Maylin anyway.

Pierson and Maylin found these buckets in Grandma's garage and asked to fill them up with water so they can "keen yup" the driveway with brooms. I let them do this while wondering if they had seen this done before or if they had done it themselves in Taiwan? But then I heard Maylin say something about her "yond" and turning "beauiful" and it clicked. She was pretending to be Cinderella. Of course! We had watched it a few days before.

I remember Cinderella being a bit more gracious about her chores. Maylin cracked me up as she acted sad, tired and worn down. I asked her to look at the camera. She just sighed, looked at me and said "Owe Kay" as if that were the last thing she could possibly muster the strength to do for the day. :)

She scrubbed and scrubbed that pavement. So much that I suggested that she take a break. She insisted that she couldn't and neither could Pierson. I said "Cinderella doesn't have a brother Maylin." And I was informed that she did and he needed to help. Pierson, being the good brother that he is, went along with it all. He was having fun splashing all around. That is until he saw this killer betel!

Both of my kids are on the verge of being OBSESSED with catching bugs in their bug catchers! Pierson is gentle and picks them up without hurting them 99% of the time . He moves slowly towards them trying not to scare them and as gently as a 5 year old can he scoops them into his catcher.
Maylin on the other hand runs after them as if her life depends on it while slamming the top of her container over and over again until she succeeds in trapping them. If the bugs make it through that they have another trial ahead. At some point she has to pick the lid up and scrape them into the bottom half before she can close the lid. I would say a bug in Maylin's path has a 50-50 shot at making it out alive. And we call them miracle bugs it they make it out alive and with all of their legs intact! :(
For all of you animal/anything-breathing lovers out there please don't call PETA on her! I promise we are working on her catching skills, but she is FAST! :)


Kristi said...

I've seen the girl with lightning bugs...
That is hilarious that she decided to act out Cinderella ~ AND that he was agreeable enough to go along with it. Hilarious pictures!

Grandma Shultz said...

Maylin and Pierson, thanks for cleaning part of Grandma's driveway. Next I'll have to put you to cleaning down around the pool! haha You make a wonderful Cinderella (and brother?!)