Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maylin Got Her Ears Pierced!

(This actually happened several weeks ago if you have been observant you may have already noticed)
Maylin had been asking to get her ears pierced repetitively for days. I kind of wanted her to have them because I think they are cute but I didn't want to push her into anything she wasn't ready for or didn't want. So when she started holding her ears and saying, "Please Moummy, Ky-ee, Garcy has!" I was thrilled and promised her we would get them before we went to the beach.

On a Thursday afternoon after preschool we drove to Daddy's work to pick him up. We all went to the mall together to watch Maylin "get beaui-ful"!!

She handled it like a champ! We told her that it would hurt a little bit, but it would be over quickly. I was half afraid that she would decide she didn't want them when she saw them coming. The lady marked her ears and headed towards her with the gun. Maylin looked a little worried but didn't squirm. She cried a little bit after the first one, but turned her head towards the lady without being asked so she could do the second one. She wanted those earrings badly! She cried again after the second one but as soon as she saw herself in the mirror she was all smiles!

When asked if it hurt she said, "it hurt a yiddly bit. Ish OK." Followed up by "Shank you Moummy!" over and over again!!! I think she likes them! :)


Lindy said...

Maylin looks so cute with pierced ears. I like that she wanted to be like her cousins. How wonderful that your children are so appreciative of what you do for them!

Grandma Shultz said...

Maylin, you look so pretty with your "sparkly" earrings. You surely are a brave little girl.

Kristi said...

She's so cute with her little girl bling!