Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ohio Day Two

Day two in Ohio started by going to Church with Grandpa, Cousin June and U Roger and A Nancy. After church we headed back to R and N's house. While we were waiting for lunch Uncle Roger got out one of his John Deer. I'd say he took the kids for a ride, however he let them steer so I am not sure who was driving who?

They both had a great time. They took turns for at least an hour before lunch. Uncle Roger is very patient!

Then he took them to the garden to get some corn for lunch. They thought picking the corn was pretty neat. They got very excited when they realized what was under the husks.

They quickly tired of helping shuck the corn so off to the barn they went leaving Uncle Roger high and dry to shuck the corn himself. They played basketball and rode big wheels for a while then it was time to go for another ride! Pierson was a little dismayed that Maylin got the first ride!

But his turn came soon. They both chased every bird in the yard. I am not sure how I feel about that. :0 :)

Soon it was Maylin's turn again. Pierson did a great job trying to be patient. But you can tell by his posture that he wanted Maylin to hurry back. Way in the distance there is a tiny black spot which is Maylin and Uncle Roger... can you find them? They are between the tree and the flag pole.

Off to the races with cousins Colt and Jordan!!

It was a hot day and they all needed a little pick-me-up!
"Jordan, wheawr awe you?"

Colt I have a little secret for you... aka I am going to blow in your ear.

Then it was time for Uncle Roger to pull our the big John Deer! And they were off!
The rest of the day was celebrated by more Aunts and Uncles and cousins coming to pay us all a visit... Somehow I didn't have my camera out to capture the festivities.
It was great to see everyone and catch up with the Shultz clan! We miss you already!


Kristi said...

Sweet corn in Ohio in the summer. Doesn't get much better...
Love their excitement over driving the lawn mowers. You and Adam better keep your keys well hidden!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a marvelous day it was. It was wonderful to be with our Ohio family. Uncle Rogers lawn mowers are so big and beautiful that my little "rinky dink" doesn't even phase the kids! haha