Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Year Referral Anniversary

Last week our family went to PF Chang's to eat diner to celebrate the one year anniversary of the kids referral. I can't believe it has been that long already when we first laid eyes on our kids pictures and got a short video of them. I'll never forget where I was that moment. It was a pleasant Wednesday evening in San Hose, Costa Rica. I was with some of my best friends on the planet on a mission trip with our church. We had gone to have dinner at the Casa` where we ate all of our meals and occasionally got to check our email. I was rushing through my emails when I saw one from Adam saying "We have a referral!" I lost my breath. My fingers were so nervous I couldn't get all the files open. The only thing I could do was put my hands to my mouth and gasp! I knew then, in my heart that these were going to be our children without even looking at them. (We had the opportunity to deny their files and wait for another referral but neither of us even batted an eye. We accepted as soon as I returned to the states.) Immediately tears started to flow. Our team leader, Clark, was sitting at a computer beside me. He had know idea what was happening to me. I nervously and excitedly said, "We have a referral!" I'll never forget Clark's reaction, he said with equal enthusiasm, "Great!... But what does that mean?" By that time all of my friends had rushed around and were helping me open all the files so I could see the videos and pictures. I was thankful for the love and support I received from my team. They will forever be apart of my family as well!
These were the first pictures we received of our babies!
My heart skipped 10 beats! For anyone who thinks for a second that the joy you feel when adopting couldn't compare to biological children... We'll I'll just say that I am sorry you will never understand how wrong you are. (Unfortunately more then a few people have suggested that to me. I just grin and bear it and understand that the love I have for my children is from God, and only He can give us the capacity to love so much and so deeply. This capacity, I now understand, is a gift from God that I treasure with every fiber of my being.)

Anyway for the less serious side of the evening... We decided to mark this day with a night out at an Asian restaurant. PF Chang's (at our house it is now referred to as the "Horse" due to the statue out front.)

Happy that we were going on a family outing, the kids were all smiles! I just love this photo.

Despite the funny smile Pierson was ecstatic when the pot of won ton soup came out. Their eyes about popped out of their head and both of them exclaimed "Shank you MaMEe, Shank you Gaggy"

I haven't seen Maylin eat this fast since we left Taiwan! And that is no exaggeration! She slurped the soup down so fast I was afraid she wasn't breathing! They both also ate Chicken LoMein at a record pace as well. The children's menu is unbelievable cheap here. So we will probably be making another go around at the "horse"!
The desert menu is a delightful one! The kids both got to pick their own because they offer small portions for a very reasonable price. Pierson gladly picked the chocolate one while Maylin picked the Strawberry. When they came I feared that the waitress wasn't going to get her hand out of the way quick enough for Pierson's liking. She almost lost a thumb! :) As you'll see the desert was everything he had hoped for!

Now that is a look of pure satisfaction! :)

Maylin ate pretty quickly too. She however, didn't leave quite as big of a mess behind. Although I am pretty sure she enjoyed hers equally as much.

On the way out the kids just had to have their picture taken with the infamous "horse" who leads the way into pure culinary delight. :)
Happy "referral" anniversary my little ones!


Courtney said...

Happy Referral Anniversary. I love the look of pure bliss on his face after eating that yummy chocolate dessert.

Lindy said...

Oh, what a happy post. I love reading your words on adoption. So cute to hear how much they enjoyed PF Chang's. That picture of Pierson is priceless. Do they understand the concept of referral day?

Amy Murphy said...

Congrats! and I will never understand how some people could think that adoption is anything less than giving birth! They are beautiful kids!

Grandma Shultz said...

God certainly put you together as a family long before Maylin and Pierson were even born. His plan is always perfect. Will have to remember about the wonton soup and find a good receipe. Glad that you enjoyed your food and the delicious looking desserts, Maylin and Pierson.

Larry and Carol said...

What a evening - great post!

Kristi said...

And while it was after you got home from Costa Rica, I'll never forget when I saw my niece and nephew's pictures for the first time.
Glad you guys had a happy referral-a-versary!
Looks like I need to get my crew to P.F.Chang's to experience the dessert. With our rowdy crowd, we usually settle for the scaled down Pei Wei...