Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ohio Day Three

Day three of Ohio was actually "driving home day." :( Before we headed out for the "Yong Dwive" home we stopped by Grandpa's house to say goodbye. We stayed for a little while and let the kids play with Grandpa's toys. (most of which I played with when I was young). It was great to see the kids feel at home in Grandpa's house.

Pierson pulled a world puzzle and showed Grandpa where Taiwan was. Grandpa then showed him about where Ohio was in the US. It was precious to watch them interact.

Pierson was amazed by the coyote handing on the wall. He said. "Puppy!" We tried the best we could to explain to him that it wasn't someones pet. I think he understood, but you never know!

I don't know if I can put this picture into words. This is what sits by Grandpa's door. These symbolize to me his life. He is a humble man. One who has never needed to be flashy. He lives a modest life that has been filled with honest hard work. He is a smart man one with wisdom and knowledge beyond my comprehension. He is generous man who shares his love and support. He is gentle man, one who makes those around him feel calm. He is a strong man, one who makes one feel safe. He is my Grandfather, who I am proud of.

Maylin pretended to take pictures of Grandpa and then he did the same for her. I actually saw him grin and stick out his tongue for a 'picture'! So cute.

Maylin loved Grandpa's cat. She was relatively gentle with him, however he didn't stay near her too long.
All to soon it was time to get back in the car and head for NC. The kids tried several stall tactics including getting leaves from Grandpa's trees to take home with us. Grandpa and his gentle kindness helped them pick as many as it took to satisfy them. None-the-less the inevitable happened and back in the car we went. 10 hours later we were home full of memories and happy hearts.


Kristi said...

Beautiful words about Grandpa!
I love how your kiddos interacted with him in such a short time. Maybe we should plan to go back in masse for Thanksgiving...

jamie said...

You left me teary-eyed with the words about your grandfather and the kids interacting with him!

Grandma Shultz said...

Grandpa Shultz is such a special, loving, gentle man. I have been priviledged to know him for more than 40 years. He has been an inspiration to all of us. It was such a pleasure to see Maylin and Pierson interact with him so tenderly. In church, Pierson put his arm up around Grandpa's shoulder and just sat quietly and stared up at Grandpa - as if to get some of his wisdom by osmosis.
It was such a special long weekend.
Thank you Nancy and Roger for giving us a place to stay.
Pierson said afterwards that it was a looooong ride to Grandpa Curly's house-e.