Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Christmas Dinner Table

It was a casual Christmas Dinner but a nice quaint one.
 The adult table.

 The kid table. (light courtesy of Pierson's exploring backpack.)

 The adult table.

The kids table! 
Oh how they make me laugh (notice a few of them were still actually in their pajamas!) How wonderful is to have such a laid back family to spend Christmas Day with! 


Larry and Carol said...

We loved seeing the Christmas pictures of all the kids. I know you had a wonderful celebration. We were so happy to finally meet your two and then have a short visit with K & I to meet their two newest. A great time for us.

Grandma Shultz said...

It was a wonderfully relaxed day. I didn't get out of my lounging PJ's all day! Is that scandalous?!
Love all of you.

Kristi said...

Oh how refined we adults look compared to the laughing group of kiddos. It was marvelous!

Future Mama said...

Haha, so cute!!! My husband and I are just starting our international adoption journey...can't wait to have a "kids table" of our own!