Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Ask "Why"? I ask "Why Not?"

I can't say I have always thought this way. I remember times watching other mothers let their children do things that I thought were ridiculous.
 Why would you let your kids play in the dog water bowl? Why would you let your kid climb that high on the monkey bars, why would you... (fill in the blank with anything that doesn't fit the conventional norm). 
Fast forward to now... and well... those ridiculous things somehow seem very, very sane. A dog's water bowl cleans off a lot of dirt! Monkey bars build strength in their arms... Stamps all over your body... well that is just plain fun! (and it washes off beautifully, except the red :O I'll keep that in mind next time!)

 One night last week I knew things were too quiet upstairs. I heard Pierson going into my art area but never heard him come out. I went to investigate! There he was. I found him with my stamps... And the rest looks something like this!

yes, that is Nutela on her nose!
 muscle man! Watch out girls!

Really? Why not?


Jordan Carl said...

I used to ask my mom the same question when she would ask my why I was juggling eggs..? I mean, come on, it builds hand eye coordination! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!

I love the muscle man shot by the way. Pierson, I can tell you have been working out! ;)

Grandma Shultz said...

It was fun trying to scrub off the red stamps. Poor Maylin had the big red one on her face and we about rubbed it raw! They did have fun.

Kristi said...

Love their works of body art. At least you have an idea of what they'd look like with tatoos...
Glad it wasn't the permanent ink, that red stays on for a really, really long time!