Friday, January 21, 2011

Lunch at the Biggers

We have such wonderful friends! We have been blessed by the love and support of everyone around us. A few Sunday's ago we were invited to the Biggers' house for lunch. Jim had been fishing and caught a really big fish! (When Maylin saw the picture of the fish she licked her lips and smiled in a way that made her eyes sparkle.) Pierson and Maylin love fish and this one was no different! Pierson said "Dis is weally good Chicken Fish!"
 Even with a yummy meal it wouldn't be an afternoon at the Biggers' if playing with animals wasn't involved. Maylin LOVED this adorable little puppy.
 And both kids got to ride Klassy the horse. They love riding horses. I just wish our horses were younger and not quite so grumpy.  But when you get to be 35 and 40 as a horse you are allowed to be a little grumpy. : )
 Pierson had a great time building Tinker toys! He built an awesome.... building?  What ever you call it, it was amazingly tall and fragile!
Thanks again Biggers Family! We had a great afternoon filled with yummy food, fun toys and lovable animals!

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Jordan Carl said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I can't quite say that I have the same passion for fish, but everything else in this post looked like a lot of fun!