Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Day Part II

After warming up by the fire, napping, watching a little Christmas movie, and eating snow with raspberry flavoring it was time
 for round two!
This time our friends Kate and  Andy had come over to join in the festivities. It is always more fun with friends! Everyone was feeling a little frisky,
 Even the horses! Rusty rolled and kicked it was so cute!
 Ian and Darcy Q made an awesome snowman!
 Daddy put his skis on and took the kids for a ride! I think they fell in love with skiing! The only downer was the walk back up the hill!
 Kate and Maylin went for a great ride! (the snow was very wet and heavy one that wasn't really great for speed but it sure didn't stop us from having fun!)
The sun was trying to peek through the clouds. It was a beautiful afternoon

 making for the perfect family portrait of the M family!

 Ian decided to take Maya for a sled ride. But Chaucer (to the left) wouldn't let them go too far! He decided that dogs don't sled!
I love that my kids have so many people who love them!
" I think I hear someone coming?"
 "Oh no! It's a Pierson Monster!"
 "AHH! He got me!" : )
 Kristi and Darcy go for a ride.
Oh joy of little girls on a sled! The giggles they share bring so much joy to my life!

Caleb and Pierson made pint size snowmen!
Here are the five most precious snow angels in town! I hope this picture leaves you as heart happy as it has me!


Anonymous said...

Love the final picture. What a great photo! ~Kate and Andy

Jordan Carl said...

Love the pictures! I hope it's alright that I stole one of the pictures off your previous post for my wall paper. It was the one of the sun peaking out. Very good pics!

The kids were much cuter, of course, but I used that one. You understand...right?

Kristi said...

It was a glorious day, wasn't it?
Sure wish that our Canons could have captured the squeals of delight and giggles of joy...