Monday, January 10, 2011

Dec 27th Christmas at Grandpa's

 I know, I know I am trying to catch up!
Christmas at Grandpa Mickey's and Grandma Claire was wonderful. It was complete with LOTS of snow, yummy food, great presents, relaxing movie time, sledding and skiing!

Pierson and Maylin were a bit fond of the present part of the trip! To say they have been spoiled this Christmas is putting it mildly! : )
The bug vacuum was a great hit. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of  bugs in the dead of winter in the Mountains. It will come in handy this spring when those critters start coming back out.
tThere were keyboards, light projectors, scarves, hats, candy... and more! Thanks guys! Pierson and Maylin have enjoyed  all of their presents!

 They had a lot of fun sledding and crashing!
Maylin looking a little disheveled after a nice tumble! She is a tough little cookie.

 I personally love the ski goggle look on Pierson!
And Finally Maylin had enough. She peeked back out to let everyone else know that they were crazy for staying out and freezing!

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Kristi said...

Love Pierson's UNC thug hat!
That hill sure looks different from the last time you had been there...