Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Silly Side of the Snow

Last post was a bit more serious. This one is just for fun!
 Ice Pizza Anyone?
 Andy and Maylin go for a speedy ride.  The day before the snow was light and fluffy when you kicked it dispersed like powdered sugar. However over night the snow turned to ice! Now that makes for a speedy sled ride!
 If it wasn't fast enough Adam WD-40ed the bottom of Chaucer's dog kennel for a make-shift sled. LOL that was awesome!
 Katie and I decided we would join in the fun and go for a ride. It was fun...
 while it lasted! Katie tried to slow us down by putting her foot down... that didn't go so well! : )
Adam giving Andy an unnecessary push! He ended up looking like a pretzel at the bottom of the hill!

 Kate and Maylin taking a little break on the ice!
 Oh to be the first down the slide!
 Snow plow Maylin!!!
 After the snow was off the slide, Pierson went a little faster than he anticipated and landed on his hiney!
 Maylin asking for a snowball in the face!
 Eating snow out of an upside down natural ice bowl!
Family picture at the "Curly Tree"
Pierson always likes a boys picture.
Of course the girls can't be left out!
All of the animals were feeling a little frisky! Even a poor little field mouse tried to cuddle up against Maylin's feet!

Showing a bit of sibling love in the "big bottom meadow".
What good is a little sister if she doesn't shake snow on your head?

Anyone want a ride? I am heading ...? Acutally he wasn't getting very far! But he sure tried!

Happy snow days!


Emily said...

Is Adam related to Clark Griswald?? Love the WD-40!

Amy Murphy said...

Great pics! I love the family shot! Looks like you all had a blast!

Kristi said...

WD-40? Really Adam?
I'm a bit jealous of your second snow fun!

Jordan Carl said...

That is a great idea Adam. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't!

Also, I sure recognize that tri-cycle any day! I miss that thing. Hope it's holding up well. Although, we never tried to ride it in the snow... More power to ya Pierson!

Grandma Shultz said...

What fun! Maylin and Pierson, you are so blessed to have so many people that love you and want to play with you.