Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 5th! Pierson's Birthday

This one was actually taken the Sunday before his birthday. Kathy, (aka honorary Grandma Miller) got him and awesome airport play set! Thanks Kathy he LOVES it! He has been playing with it non-stop. He says he is flying to Taiwan for a few hours,  but "I be wight back. OK Ma?"

Birthday morning he asked for scrambled eggs in a round about way. He said "Ma I want eggs like dis." and he swirled his hand around as if he were mixing up his eggs.
For those who have been reading the blog for a while he has switched back to eggs in the morning. (because Adam has too). One morning I asked him what he wanted to eat. That conversation went something like this:
Me: "Pierson what would you like for breakfast?"
Pierson: (whispering towards Adam) "Dad what you eat?"
Adam: "Eggs"
Pierson: "Ma I yant eggs." 
Me: "How many eggs?"
Pierson: "Dah, how many you want?"
Adam: "two"
Pierson: "Two!"
Me: "How would you like them fixed?"
Pierson: "Dah, how you fix dem?"
Adam: "sunny side up"
Pierson: "waz dat suhy si up?"
Adam: "like this (holding one hand flat and one in a fist on top as if playing 'paper, rock, scissors.)" 
Pierson: "Ok, Ma like dis (mimicking Adam's hands)."
: ) Makes my heart smile that he wants to be like his Daddy!

That afternoon Adam surprised him by going to school to eat lunch with him. After lunch Maylin and I joined them to bring cupcakes to his class. When we arrived they were doing the Cha Cha Slide.
 I think Pierson was having a little bit of fun! Although I am not sure who was having more fun Pierson or Daddy?!

 Pierson got to help pass out his cupcakes. He was very proud of his Lighting McQueen cupcakes.
 Maylin pulled up a chair between Pierson and Elijah.
(Pierson usually talks about playing with the girls in his class, but Elijah is the one boy who he consistently talks about being his best friend.)
 After cupcakes it was time to go out to the playground. So they all bundled up and we headed outside.

Pierson got a little assistance getting through the hole in the wall. LOL
After this play ground experience we realized why Pierson mostly talks about the girls in his class.
1. They seem to flock to him
2. The boys in his class are ROWDY! They spent the entire time chasing each other and tackling each other.
3. There are a lot of pretty little girls! : )
Elijah seemed to the only other boy who ever stopped tackle mania.
Over all it was a great experience spending the afternoon in Pierson's class. It was fun to see him in action with his friends.

I'll post more about his birthday meal in the next post.


Jordan Carl said...

Happy Birthday Pierson! Looks like you had quite a fun birthday. You are a smart guy, I would choose to run with the girls over the rowdy boys too ;)

Kristi said...

I'm sad that Uncle Ian and I weren't there to celebrate your birthday in person with you, but it looks like you had a wonderful day! How fun that Daddy came to have lunch with you! And dance too...
I love you!

Chad Whiteman said...

Happy belated birthday to Pierson and his mom!