Monday, January 10, 2011

First Ski Trip!

They look so cute all bundled up and ready to ski! They did so well. They lasted almost 4 hours. I was amazed! I was half afraid that they would make it about 45 minutes and then be ready to go warm up. But they were both troopers! They each took about a half an hour break with Claire to get some hot chocolate. Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures because the camera battery died. :(

 If you squint real hard you can spot Maylin in her pink outfit, Adam beside her to the right, then Pierson and Mommy in the blue.
 Maylin going up the conveyor belt for the bunny slope.  She did great! The guy working at the top actually told me she did the best of all the kids getting off!  My little ski bunny did so well!
 Look at the first big tree there is a little kid bundled up.. that is Pierson coming up the conveyor belt and Adam is the next person behind him. Sorry! Next ski trip we will be sure to charge the battery!
 Grandpa and Maylin getting ready to head down the slope!
Maylin tended to want to lead backwards so to keep her in proper form we would yell for her to keep her "shinny down!" Around here we refer to bottoms as "shinny hinny's" : )
And like the good little listener she is she would tuck back down and stick that little 'shinny' out! It was pretty funny but she did great!
Pierson did really well. He even went up the chair lift to the "big slope".  He did ride down between Adam's legs but on his own ski's. It was so precious to see his eye's light up while telling the story of how he rode up in the chair in the sky!


Kristi said...

We need to take a trip to visit Mr. Mickey ski instructor to get our kids going!
Pierson and Maylin, Ayi is so proud of you for having a great ski day!

Larry and Carol said...

I loved seeing ALL the Christmas pictures. I think Maylin and Pierson had a wonderful introduction to the precious season.