Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God of Wonders...

beyond our galaxy. You are Holy, Holy...

This has become a staple around our house. The kids have picked up on the Holy, Holy part of the song VERY well, not so much on the rest of the song, but they sure make noise throughout it. Last Sunday in Church as BaBa (Adam) played this song on stage with the rest of the praise band Pierson and Maylin stood in their seats shouting to the top of their lungs HOLY HOLY!!!
Everyone around us heard them and most looked around to see who in the world was so excited to sing. My first instinct was to quiet them. But then I figured if Jesus wanted the little children to come to him just as they were then who are we to try to stifle their enthusiasm? I continued to let them shout the words they knew and lifted my hands in praise that these two children will come to truly understand what this song means, something they may not have gotten in their homeland.

Do you think we have future rock stars on our hands?

At home we sing HOLY HOLY a lot! It has become a nightly tradition. They ask "Baba. Holy, Holy" while making the guitar gestures. Most the time Adam obliges them and upstairs they go to the music room.

Maylin performs while her backup guitar players keep the rhythm! She even double fists the mic! Too funny!

Well... this picture needs no explanation! It just makes me laugh out loud! I guess it is safe to say they like HOLY HOLY time! :)

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Love the photos. I like how intently Pierson is looking at the sheet music and love the last one with all three of them rocking out.

Kristi said...

Love it!