Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first Mother's Day

I guess I didn't know what to expect for my first mother's day. Was I going to magically wake up and feel different because it is a special day? Were my kids going to care/understand what the day meant? Were they going to be perfect all day so that Mommy could relax a little more than usual? ...ummm NOPE to all of the above! :)
Apparently Mother's Day is just like any other day... It is filled with as much 'child chasing', boo-boo kissing, and squabble breaking as the day before.
As it turns out the only difference between Mother's Day and the day before is what you make of it (and what your sweet husband makes of it). I did wake up to a spotless kitchen and beautiful pink roses thanks to my darling Adam.
Then it was off to church followed by a day at Grandma's house.

Once again Grandma has outdone herself. She got two more bikes along with training wheels, knee and elbow pads.
Maylin tested out her pads before taking on the challenge of a new bike. Isn't she graceful? She likes to glide on one foot.

And then she was off on her first bike ride. This will make a Mother's day exciting. At first she stayed in the garage for a while just testing it out. Doesn't she look cute?

As she got a little more brave she got a little faster...

And then down she went. I really did put the camera down and go rescue her! I just happened to have the camera on her as she was going down.
After the fall she decided to go back to the tricycle for a while while Grandma helped Pierson steady his new wheels. (Yes he is on a pink bike... when you shop consignment that is what you get. And yes he is wearing a purple helmet. As it turns out his was too small for him so Maylin is wearing his and he is wearing Maylin's which was bigger. Fortunately he is young enough to not care.)

There is my big boy becoming a little speed demon. He would race down the slopped driveway into the garage where he would screech to a halt. Only once did he have a big crash which left a bump on the back of his head. That didn't slow him down though. He just kept on going.

Then we had a surprise for the Grandma's. The Miller clan drove up. Below are my precious little nieces and nephew enjoying the riding toys in Grandma's garage.



And Kylie


Amy Murphy said...

Happy first Mother's Day!!! It was mine, too. Sounds like you had a really nice day.

Larry and Carol said...

I thought you all used to take naps on Sunday afternoon. Those days are long gone but WOW - what a replacement. Happy First Mother's Day.

Lindy said...

Well, Grandma outdid herself with all those bikes!! You children are so cute and seem game for trying new things. Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

Jordan Carl said...

hey I used to ride the tricycle Caleb is on!!! Great pictures, just catchin up a little bit on my blogging... Happy first mother's day!!!