Monday, May 10, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Well I had the brilliant idea last Friday that we would go to Mom's house and plant a garden in her beautiful raised garden beds. One reason for this is because I thought the kids would love to dig in the dirt. Another reason is because I want the kids to eat as many organic veggies as possible. The final reason and one that I consider equally important is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Cline family by not buying veggies that are trucked in from all over the world.

When we got there I got out a shovel for me and small garden tools for the kids. They followed me enthusiastically to the garden and looked amazingly at all the plants and dirt... and that was it. Off they ran to find something more interesting to do.

Pierson ran to get a tricycle... it was tough to pedal through the grass.

Maylin ran to pet the horses... So much for my great idea. I spent the next 5 hours in the 90 degree sun planting the garden and running around making sure the kids weren't getting in trouble or getting hurt. Not as much fun as I imagined, but it will still be worth it.

Later that evening we met Grandma and great friends at the park for movie night. We ate picnics and watched "The Princess and the Frog". The kids loved it as well as all 10 adults who
were there to enjoy their company! My camera died before the movie started but I got two which showed their excitement before hand.

Pierson sporting Mr. Andy's hat and enjoying his chair.

Maylin loves her daddy! She also likes Mr. Andy's sunglasses. :) (Can you tell Mr. Andy is a good sport?!)


Amanda said...

We are planting our garden this week too! Good luck! Love the ASU gear! And Mr. Andy (if I am thinking of the right Andy?) is a good sport! He is great with kids! I love all of this pictures!

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time and the kids were wonderful. It is amazing how quickly and how well they are adjusting. Each time I am surprised by something new they have learned. You and Adam should be very proud! ~Kate and Mr. Andy

Kristi said...

We're considering turning our large flower bed into a garden here too. I figure that if I let the kids dig up the dirt with their Tonka diggers and bulldozer that they'll enjoy contributing. And we know that at least my younger two enjoy watering plants...