Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Pierson has such a sweet little spirit. He is tender hearted one crooked look makes him melt down to tears. He wants to help me do just about everything! Last weekend at Mom's house I was planting a little more in the garden. I trimmed some limbs off a couple of trees that were hanging low over the garden. Pierson desperately wanted to help me so he started hauling off the limbs. He was taking them up to the house and I guess I assumed he was taking them to the other side of the house and throwing them where I always throw brush... (I know! Was I really expecting him to instinctively know where that was? Sometimes I just forget they haven't always been here). Instead he was actually taking them in the house to Mom. LOL! Mom eventually had the sense to tell him to take them back outside.

So where does a 5 year old take them...? Of course in the folding chairs! Isn't that where you keep your brush?!

"Look Mommy! I am such a good little helper!" At one point while walking across the yard he stopped, put down the limbs, brushed his forehead with his forearm, patted his chest with the other hand and said "Whew!" Then picked the limbs right back up and kept going. He is so funny!

Maylin really cracks me up she just comes out (without putting down her duck or raisins) looks at him for a minute, rolls her eyes and walks back in the house. lol


Amy Murphy said...

OH! Your kids are too cute!!! I love it!

Larry and Carol said...

Seems like you all have been together for years. We are so anxious to see everyone. Hope to get to NC when C and C return from SA.