Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three puppies?

Is this a good dogie or what? He puts up with a lot from his new siblings. He barely even looked up when P&M decided they wanted to "take him for a walk". Since they couldn't reach Chaucer's real leash they decided to improvise with a jump rope.
After pulling and pulling they realized that their "big brother" didn't want to get off the couch... eventually they gave up. Chaucer then sighed deeply (he really does sigh... it is pretty funny) and looked at me as if to say "Can't we send them back?"

But of course they weren't totally satisfied with those results. So they turned to each other. Now all of the sudden I have three puppies. "Woof, Woof!"

Aren't these puppies the cutest things ever?


Kristi said...

Hehehe! Want me to send Kylie and Caleb's leashes that we used in Yellowstone? Of course that would end Kylie's days of taking her siblings for a walk down the hall...
They are too stinkin' cute! And I know that Chaucer didn't really mean what he implied with that sigh!

Larry and Carol said...

Poor Chaucer - too funny.

Bekah said...

Poor doggie! He looks pitiful! They are so funny...I laugh watching them every Sunday from the front. Sometimes I have to look away because I think I'm going to lose it and laugh out loud!