Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Needs Launguage?

I find it amazing how children don't need language to communicate. A smile and a nod is all
3 children needed to collectively say, "Hey guys let's get in Gwam-ma's spinny chair and see how fast we can go!"

And before you know it the other two are in the chair and spinning right along with them. No verbal communication needed. Just a few giggles and grins.

Luckily 'spinny' chairs are very soft. Because two children standing in the chair and leaning over are a little too much for the center of gravity. Down, down, down they go. After assessing each other's faces they said (with no words). "Well that wasn't so bad, lets do is again maybe just not stand up this time! Yay for spinning!"

"Pierson is the best spinner!"

Unfortunately all too often good things come to an end when one child doesn't want to stop when three others do. This is what that picture looks like.

But never fear Daddy/Uncle Adam is near to take their weary little minds off of the troubles. And suddenly all is well on the earth again.

I love non-verbal communications. They are the best!

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